[e] Endless Enjoyment

Galaxies unfold before your very eyes, and you wonder where next to go.

Travelling  the stars, you look for planets to call home, and encounter other space-faring species along the way. They could be cyborg seekers of truth and wisdom, or humanoid Dust-loving expansionists, or soulless robotic vessels sent out by the long forgotten Endless, razing world after world for finite resources … or so many others…

You have your own agenda, and exploit the colourful celestial bodies of every solar system as you see fit. Resource extractors rise from the planets’ crusts, ancient moon temples are uncovered, primitive and non-space-faring species are brought into the fold or used as food or slaves… the possibilities are endless.

Throughout the eons, your people will learn how to keep eternal peace, or reign supreme with an iron fist .  They will cure all known diseases, discover mind-boggling technologies, build more sophisticated space ships to travel faster and farther, terraform any type of planet, and transcend life itself.

And in the end, someone or something will unearth the secrets of the legendary lost planet Auriga.

This is the Endless Space.

This… is your future.

Endless Space, in all its beauty, can be a bit ‘static’ at times, for which I’ll stick to

out of

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You look up at the stars, seeking hope and answers to unspoken questions.

The planet is dying, and in her death throes she spreads harsh winters over your crops and cities, and summer takes ever so long to return life to the fields.
Soon everything will be over for the dragonkin savants, insectoid warmongers, ghoul-like remnants of the Endless, shady assassins, and scores of Auriga’s inhabitants

But before this impending cataclysm, you build what you can, reap what you sow, and build your empire from the ground up.
Cities will stretch as far as the eye can see, over the horizon or into the clouds.
You venerate the ground you walk on, or destroy everything in your path.
Pacts are made in Dust or blood, yet your homes still need to be fortified, inwards and outwards.
Powerful magic is created, ancient elemental guardians are resurrected,  and some will even learn to prosper during the icy colds of winter.
But the end is inevitable.

Your knowledge increases, experience is amassed, and by undertaking many quests you carve out a name for yourself. And maybe, by exploring the world, by uniting factions or obliterating them, by digging deeper into Auriga’s shell, deeper into her past, you may yet find a way to survive her, to survive the future.

You look up at the stars.

This is the Endless Legend.

This… is your present.

Endless Legend is the fantasy Civilization you have been waiting for, and garners more than

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You look at the door and wonder what’s behind it. Salvation? Doom?

You’re not sure how long you’ve been roaming these halls now, working your way forward and upwards, through myriad savage encounters with sentient rocks, bugs, slimes, demons, and other cavernous creatures.

All you remember is that the escape pod of your prison ship crash-landed on this desolate planet a good time ago, straight into the lower levels of some kind of underground facility, and your ragtag band of crew members and prisoners has been carrying the ship’s generator from elevator to elevator till now, powering up doors and automated defenses along the way.

Some friendly species, equally trapped as you and craving liberty or fortune above all else, offer their services for Dust, the mystical nano-elements that go for currency around these parts.

Amassing enough of this Dust substance attracts all kinds of nasty critters, but it also recharges the generator, and even provides the means to build food, industry and science stations, who in turn give you another slim fighting chance against said critters on every floor you pass by.

And chances are more slim than ever. You see your comrades in arms fall around you, and nothing can get them back up. But you keep pushing, using all of your skills and resources to survive the next onslaught, until you reach the next door. What will come next? Friend or foe? A powerful artefact, or the exit maybe?

And then what? If you reach the surface of the planet, how will you survive Auriga?

This is the Dungeon of the Endless.

This… is your past.

Dungeon of the Endless is fun, funny, and even more so with friends. Just one more door for

out of

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Endless Space is a turn-based 4X game in space, of which the last update made space battles a lot easier, for which this space noob is very thankful.

Endless Legend is also a turn-based 4X game, on land and water, for which there are still expansions coming out.

Dungeon of the Endless is…something else. A rogue-like tower-defense RPG with a very charming pixel style. It’s really fun.

FlyByNo is responsible for ALL OF THE MUSIC and will provide the same for Endless Space 2. You need sources? Log on to the games2gether platform and look for yourself.


You can’t help but admire Amplitude Studios for creating 3 great games in 3 different genres in less than 3 years time, all set in the same universe.
That alone yields the compilation – the first trilogy even? –

Endless Space was released in July, 2012 and is playable on PC and Mac.
Endless Legend was released in September, 2014 and is playable on PC and Mac.
Dungeon of the Endless was released in October, 2014 and is playable on PC , Mac, iOS and Xbox One.

Big ups and downs to...
Endless Space, by Amplitude Studios
Endless Legend, by Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive
Dungeon of the Endless, by Amplitude Studios

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