Strider Hiryu is cool

He’s one of the coolest kids on the Marvel vs Capcom block, if not THE coolest.


Look at him, taking center stage.

His own series of games – Strider – are also mucho cool. As a matter of fact, they did fast-paced hack ‘n slash BEFORE it was cool.


‘Cool’ level.


Going for a next-gen reboot of the series was the hip thing to do, if done right.


Making an entrance.


All kidding aside, the new Strider is seriously a lot of fun and a delightful wink/nudge to its source material, much like the radical Bionic Commando Rearmed before it. Capcom sure knows how to pick ‘em.

What starts out as a standard left-to-right button-masher, quickly evolves into acrobatic and colourful swordplay while you’re dodging and sliding your way back, forth, up and down, discovering hidden rooms and slaughtering metal maniacs along the way.


Strider doesn’t pride itself in pretty graphics, nor extensive duration. But after all these years, Strider Hiryu never lost his cool.


The newest Strider is a short but sweet package.
For being a bit rough around the edges, it gets a cool

out of 

Strider was released in Februari, 2014 and is playable on PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XboxOne and PC.

Big ups and downs to...
Marvel vs Capcom, by Capcom and Virgin Interactive
Strider (1989), by Capcom
Strider (2014), by Capcom and Double Helix Games
Bionic Commando Rearmed, by Capcom and Grin

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