The forgotten Prey

About 10 years ago, some time after (2004), and some time before (2007), a game was released. It blew me away.

BioShocked about the Collection

It’s here. But it’s not worth your money again if you don’t have a gaming console. PC optimization has gone through some hoops and missed quite a few – including mistakes made ten years ago as well –… Read More

We’re not done with Bioshock just yet

As you might have picked up, the Bioshock Collection is due in september, and it gives us the possibility to roam Rapture and Columbia once more, with extra shiny all around us. Commemorating this event, 2K is releasing… Read More

[b] Would you kindly lend me your ear

Il Credo Degli Assassini. This is where our musical journey to Rapture begins. Not through waves of sound, but through moving images…