Depth of Extinction {demo}

Fancy another round of X-COM inspired tactical shootouts? May I advise you try out the demo of Depth of Extinction? Or just watch me fumble through it in full gung-ho mode. Granted, it’s quite a change from X-COM and its clones‘… Read More

Infinity Inc-omplete

Do you feel half the person you used to be? Or is there something missing in your life, someone that completes you? *** Then why not CLONE yourself! Don’t worry. You can at, any time, get rid of… Read More

Prisma {demo}

So I took Prisma for a run. Or a walk maybe. Art style and ambience are top notch, while gameplay seems to be a healthy mix between Giana Sisters‘ dimension shifting and one of Sonic‘s speed-levels. Have a look-see yourself.   I… Read More

Lost in Bardo {demo}

Just took Lost in Bardo for a spin through space and time. I did get a bit lost in this point ‘n click adventure demo, but it was a good kind of lost. I’m just a bad pointer. And… Read More

The Fall of Lazarus {demo}

I took The Fall of Lazarus for a spin around the earth. Or some other planet, I’m not entirely sure. It was an interesting experience to say the least, while being a bit disturbing at times. Try it… Read More