In Dead Space, everyone can hear you scream

Many, many years ago, I wrote my very first reviews. One was about the survival horror masterpiece Dead Space. Others were about the decline of decent Dragon Ball fighting games… But before I could release these silly and naive… Read More

Oh Squaresoft, what have you become …

It was not enough to announce paid downloadable content for Final Fantasy 15 before the main game was even out.

Monster Hunter – love it or hate it

I do both. After spending over 1000 hours with my buddies in the first few iterations on PSP – going as far as to play the Japanese versions – and giving in to Nintendo’s demands to buy a… Read More

You can call me Z-Slayer McPoopface

Part of the pretty useless Dying Light Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC, this radical ninja garb really excels at gi belt clipping. Nothing more.

Battlefield 1 – or how pre-ordering reached a new low

Everybody’s got a hard-on for Battlefield 1. It’s like No Man’s Sky all over again, but with more EA tags plastered all around it. But this isn’t DICE trying a new IP. This newest retelling of an old war simulation game in a… Read More

Repent, Sinner

They almost got me again. Damn it. Nearly renounced my own credo… I don’t own a PS4. There is one in my house somewhere, but it’s not mine. I can use it for specific purposes, but I don’t… Read More

Street Fighter 5.1 – HOT PACKAGE

Oh hey buy this Japan-only game so you can get 2 extra hot costumes for that other game you have, or pre-order the US version for maximum price, or wait until a few other characters are available so… Read More