In Dead Space, everyone can hear you scream

Many, many years ago, I wrote my very first reviews. One was about the survival horror masterpiece Dead Space. Others were about the decline of decent Dragon Ball fighting games… But before I could release these silly and naive… Read More

This article is not about tits.

Well, maybe it is, a little. But it’s more about three upcoming fighting games who try to redraw the rules of engagement, or give fans exactly what they want. Besides tits.  

Dragon Ball Redemption

Or as Bandai Namco calls it, Dragon Ball FighterZ. What’s in a name, right?

One Luluco a day keeps the psychiatrist away

Do you remember that awesome moment when Goku became a Super Sayian for the first time and avenged his fallen friends, or where his son Gohan took it to the next level and fried Cell’s face off?


Sneak preview at game fads in Tokyo, aka Crazy Town. These are the Card Battle Arcades for Monster Hunter Spirits 2 – Triple Soul, Dragon Quest Battle Scanner, Digimon Appli, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and Pokémon Ga-Olé.