Whoever thought Final Fantasy wasn’t METAL enough… – [soundbyte f]

…can always count on the world wide web to provide. Although it’s more of a synth rock metal orchestral chiptune fusion kinda thing, no?


Or, as the fans call it, ‘s legacy. But let’s rewind a bit first, shall we?

[f] Back in the day…

What is ‘retrogaming’? And why does this usually imply a delicate balance between rose-tinted nostalgia and piss-poor ageing?

This is no laughing matter

Haha yes it is. For those who forgot, there’s this one scene in Final Fantasy X that could have been the breaking point for many – as in, I will take out the disc and break it, burn… Read More

Repent, Sinner

They almost got me again. Damn it. Nearly renounced my own credo… I don’t own a PS4. There is one in my house somewhere, but it’s not mine. I can use it for specific purposes, but I don’t… Read More