A day at Gamescom 2017

Or, a genuine game blog post (but not really) ***   The short version.   What surprised us the most? Grapefruit beer What surprised us the least? Three kinds of sauce with some fries What is our fondest… Read More

Easter Eggs : Recommended for you

Youtube A place of marvel and wonder, a place of cancer and toxins. This is where you go when you need to see stuff you want to know about. This is also where you see stuff you didn’t… Read More


We went and done the alphabet, soundtrack style. With a little luck, we’ll manage to do the same for full-blown reviews before we celebrate our first anniversary! But first, let’s do a recap episode. From 1988 to 2017…. Read More

Funkotron – [soundbyte t]

Sixteen-bit funkadelic greatness. This is how I chilled on a rainy afternoon in the early nineties. Good times, simple times.   Soundtrack to the original ToeJam & Earl on Megadrive / Genesis, these tunes set the stage for two… Read More