[h] Hotline Miami

Miami, 1989. It’s nice outside this time of year.


We went and done the alphabet, soundtrack style. With a little luck, we’ll manage to do the same for full-blown reviews before we celebrate our first anniversary! But first, let’s do a recap episode. From 1988 to 2017…. Read More

Hotline Music – [soundbyte h]

What more do you need when laying waste to scores of pixelated mobsters, dogs, phone company employees and ? A Killer soundtrack. Both Hotline Miami and its sequel Wrong Number bring out the worst in people, with the… Read More


What happens when Double Dragon and Hotline Miami do the hanky-panky on bad acid? You get this here hellspawn. I’m not a fan of hype and previews, but sometimes things just look too good or gnarly not to… Read More