Day of the Devs – A Humble Selection

If you already have a gaming backlog you won’t able to finish in three lifetimes, I have bad news for you. Here’s Humble Bundle again with some grade-A indie games, courtesy of 2017, mostly. I don’t know how… Read More

The Down Under Humble Bundle – a tactical decision

Oy mate. Put another shrimp on the barbie. Okay that’s all I’ve got. The full extent of my “down under” vocabulary. Let’s move on to the games. Or skip everything and go Humble!   The Pay-Nothing Tier  

It’s May, and it’s raining (almost) free games

On the PC front we have Humble ushering in a new month with  – the not so casual but quite excellent racing game – and  – another masterpiece from the creators of Limbo – among many others, for their… Read More

Toilet breaks just became a whole lot more interesting

Thanks to this mix of oldskool and newskool cutesy cartoony but deadly business, my time in the restroom went from “Wow man, you’re fast” to “He’s been gone for hours, should we call an ambulance?“

Are you a fan of Civilization?

I’m just gonna leave this here then. Oh you know, the complete and full editions of CivIII, IV,V, and Beyond Earth. And a coupon for last year’s blockbuster game, Civilization VI.

Put your money where your mouth is

Or, like, have a look at some excellent Humble Bundle deals. Do you love the awesomeness that was Secret of Mana, and you need something similar on the go? Or maybe you fancy some more Shadowrun? Are you… Read More

Think fast

Think fast about acquiring the game, not while actually playing it: XCOM is one of the turn-based guilty pleasures in my library. The sequel to the critically acclaimed XCOM – Enemy Unknown (2012) and its upgrade Enemy Within (2013), Firaxis Games‘ XCOM 2 (2016)… Read More

Quantity vs. Quality

I’m talking about Humble Bundle’s simultaneously running bundles on offer, namely the… … and the… If you’re into Assassin’s Creed, you can get all but the latest game for only 15 bucks. No questions asked. If you’re into… Read More

Cater to the masses

Something old, something new, in The Return of the Sierra Bundle…   Something singleplayer, something multiplayer, in the current Yogscast Jingle Jam 2016. Priced at a hefty $30, you do get more than 30 games worth during the… Read More

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