Jumping on the newswagon

Because it’s everywhere, and you can’t ignore it: The SNES Classic Mini is coming our way. And it is loaded – as expected – with only the finest 16-bit classics who once went on to spawn gazillions of sequels,… Read More

Something smells fishy

Meet Remoraid.     Remoraid is a fish.

It’s May, and it’s raining (almost) free games

On the PC front we have Humble ushering in a new month with  – the not so casual but quite excellent racing game – and  – another masterpiece from the creators of Limbo – among many others, for their… Read More

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

THE GOOD * Bayonetta is out on PC

[i] INK

Let’s keep this review short. Short, like the game itself, which took me exactly one hour, thirty-four minutes, and thirty-five seconds to get from the intro to the credits. And that’s just prime.

Nintendo (Bait and) Switch

Huge fan of Nintendo. Huge.

Monster Hunter – love it or hate it

I do both. After spending over 1000 hours with my buddies in the first few iterations on PSP – going as far as to play the Japanese versions – and giving in to Nintendo’s demands to buy a… Read More

Super Mario OneStepForwardTwoStepsBack

Or how Nintendo likes to call it, Super Mario Run.   Great video if you edit the plumber out. Going back to the basics of basics, SMR let’s you control make Mario jump through his new adventure, but… Read More

Dublin Hostel Game Room

Besides stuffing my face and blatter during a river dance or two, or taking shelter in an ancient burial mound so as not to get drenched by a Celtic monsoon, I discovered a little retro haven of solitude… Read More

Nintendoo Switcharoo

The storm has passed. Any and all are in the know, and each has an opinion. What about you? I’m genuinely interested, as my point of view is often not even shared by my closest friends – one… Read More