Sounds of Future Past – [soundbyte n]

The sequel to 2010’s most underappreciated game, NieR, is being steamrolled in by Platinum Games somewhere next year, which is all kinds of awesome. Not wanting to s(p)oil myself too much, I couldn’t resist listening to the upcoming… Read More

All hail the God Hand’s soundtrack – [soundbyte g]

Because if there’s anything crazier than Clover Studio/ PlatinumGames’ oldskool brawler hit God Hand, it’s the soundtrack. Although it’s not every day you fight a demon disguised as a man in a gorilla suit who also happens to be… Read More

Transform and Check Out

Transformers have it rough. They are loathed, they are loved. Trust me, I’m a biased fan. But with the upcoming lineup of October’s PS Plus, NO ONE can go wrong. Not only will your PS4 get Transformers: Devastation, Platinum Games’ oldskool… Read More

I know a great drinking game

Step 1 Put on a Transformers movie. Take number 4 for maximum effect. Step 2 Drink whenever…

All hail the God Hand

What makes less sense than having Michael Bay make snuff movies about your childhood heroes? GOD HAND. Created by the now defunct Clover Studio, this non-sensical, over-the-top brawler goes the whole mile with its table-flipping, nut-crunching, libido-wrecking Fist-of-the-Northstar-on-acid… Read More