A day at Gamescom 2017

Or, a genuine game blog post (but not really) ***   The short version.   What surprised us the most? Grapefruit beer What surprised us the least? Three kinds of sauce with some fries What is our fondest… Read More

Mnstr Hntr Wrld

I can’t even pronounce it, I’m still choking on my tears of joy.

Only THE best combat racing game. Evahr.

Don’t even bother. All your arguments are invalid. Why am I bringing this up now? First of all, Jak X – Combat Racing is COMING BACK!

N Sane in da M Brane

The long wait is over. Your favourite mentally challenged furball is coming back to your home screen, in all its ‘remastered plus’ glory. June 30th is the date to mark, and expect an extremely touched up PS4-worthy Crash Bandicoot N…. Read More

PERSONA – nothing makes sense anymore – [soundbyte p]

You’d think I refer to the butchered localization of the first games, when they were originally released on PlayStation. Or the fact that the plot is all over the place, making it hard to connect to the characters… Read More

Dublin Hostel Game Room

Besides stuffing my face and blatter during a river dance or two, or taking shelter in an ancient burial mound so as not to get drenched by a Celtic monsoon, I discovered a little retro haven of solitude… Read More


Got yourself a US-account on PSN? Still feelin’ some love for Capcom? Head on over to Humble Bundle for some sweet ass deals! Feeling left out because none of the above applies to you? Try the other Bundle… Read More