By the way.

Alienation has gotten the Halloween treatment on PSN, and is discounted twice for your genocidal pleasure (if you got PS Plus). So if our review(s) of recent twin-stick co-op marvels did not convince you to acquire their spiritual successor,… Read More

Furi (ous anger) – [soundbyte f]

Are you a fan of synthwave? Good. Are you a fan of bitching hard games? Great. Time to destroy those ears and fingers with The Game Bakers’ too-hard-for-its-own-good Furi, to the beat of original compositions by Carpenter Brut, Danger,… Read More

I’ll let you in on a secret

I finally flinched, and got me a PS4. Goodbye days and nights of swooping like a vulture past my roommate’s man cave, waiting for him to fall asleep so I’d steal his property. I am my own man now…. Read More

It’s a Virtual Christmas!

So many goodies thrown in our faces! If you’re looking for some virtual gifts for your contemporaries this holiday season, now’s the time to go splurging! PSN Store As mentioned before, PSN Plus is giving out the real… Read More

Transform and Check Out

Transformers have it rough. They are loathed, they are loved. Trust me, I’m a biased fan. But with the upcoming lineup of October’s PS Plus, NO ONE can go wrong. Not only will your PS4 get Transformers: Devastation, Platinum Games’ oldskool… Read More