It’s May, and it’s raining (almost) free games

On the PC front we have Humble ushering in a new month with  – the not so casual but quite excellent racing game – and  – another masterpiece from the creators of Limbo – among many others, for their… Read More

Sales here, sales there, sales everywhere


By the way.

Alienation has gotten the Halloween treatment on PSN, and is discounted twice for your genocidal pleasure (if you got PS Plus). So if our review(s) of recent twin-stick co-op marvels did not convince you to acquire their spiritual successor,… Read More

It’s a Virtual Christmas!

So many goodies thrown in our faces! If you’re looking for some virtual gifts for your contemporaries this holiday season, now’s the time to go splurging! PSN Store As mentioned before, PSN Plus is giving out the real… Read More

PlayStation 4 Pro – aka PS3PlusTenYears

So the ‘new’ Playstation will most likely be able to render all games in full HD at sixty frames per second? You mean to say that Sony’s pitch for its 2006 PS3 release has finally become truth? Can it play… Read More