We went and done the alphabet, soundtrack style. With a little luck, we’ll manage to do the same for full-blown reviews before we celebrate our first anniversary! But first, let’s do a recap episode. From 1988 to 2017…. Read More

Risk of Addiction

You see the amount of cash in the top left corner? In normal circumstances, that should not top 1,000 dollars. You see the minute timer in the top right corner? In normal circumstances, that should not top 60… Read More

Watch out for precipitations – [soundbyte r]

Did we mention Risk of Rain was ported from PC to PS4 and PSVita? Sony repair centers won’t know what hit ’em. So invite your friends, put some beers in the fridge, and get your weekend off to… Read More

Quantity vs. Quality

I’m talking about Humble Bundle’s simultaneously running bundles on offer, namely the… … and the… If you’re into Assassin’s Creed, you can get all but the latest game for only 15 bucks. No questions asked. If you’re into… Read More