The important things in life

That time you travelled the world, discovering golden pyramids and ancient lizard people, while crushing anything and anyone that stood in your way.    

After a long day of hard work…


Another old acquaintance, another heartfelt reunion.

  Like Odin Sphere (2007) became Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (2016) when it fluttered from PS2 to PS4 / Vita, so did Muramasa – The Demon Blade (2009) become Muramasa Rebirth (2013) when it made the jump from Wii… Read More

Poop in the pants

These intro screens fill me with dread. One has bug-like aliens. The other has alien-like bugs. Both are an assault to your senses. #screenshotsaturday

Why didn’t I try to look for decent mobile games before?


That’s right, hyped dancer from 2064: Read Only Memories. It’s always time for LET’S DANCIN’!!! #screenshotsaturday

My thoughts exactly.

Mother Russia Bleeds in a nutshell. #screenshotsaturday

Everybody needs some downtime once in a while


The Talking Heads

  This is how I feel about too many games nowadays, trying to hold your hand in everything you do. Go to this marker’s location, press X to not die, hoard these useless potions, upgrade your already overpowered… Read More

Your childhood in a nutshell. Minus the rusty blade.

Or was it.   #screenshotsaturday