This is all the news that matters today. — xenosaga (@xenosaga7) 26 april 2017 Square Enix just fixed their biggest past mistake. Nothing else matters. Thanks to NeoGaf and Kotaku for pointing this out. Things are looking up again now.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

THE GOOD * Bayonetta is out on PC

Why didn’t I try to look for decent mobile games before?

Unlimited Frustration – [soundbyte u]

Unlimited SaGa. Oh how I wanted to love you so bad. Superb curves, in an age where you paid extra for the slightest alteration. Smooth self-introduction, gorgeous on the eyes, a delight to listen to. 2002 intro showing off sketch motion… Read More

[d] Digimon World – Next 0rder

I fucking love Digimon. I also fucking adore the Digimon World games. Don’t ask me why. There is no explanation. You might as well try and find out what drives a Brony, who in their right mind believes… Read More

Marvel-ous Square

That doesn’t say much, now does it? But if Square Enix’ own Play Arts Kai line of figurines is any indication, this is what your favorite Avengers will look like real soon: