My life is finally complete.

For I have witnessed The Cybertronic Spree – aka the cast from the real Transformers movie – cover not only the soundtrack from said movie, but the Power Rangers theme as well, with a splash of Doom. Also, Pokémon and… Read More

Easter Eggs : Recommended for you

Youtube A place of marvel and wonder, a place of cancer and toxins. This is where you go when you need to see stuff you want to know about. This is also where you see stuff you didn’t… Read More

Cutey Honey riding a Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtle into battle against Optimus Prime. Sure. Okay.

And the references don’t stop there, but how far down the rabbit hole are you prepared to go? Japan Animator Expo entry #35. Enjoy.

Transform and Fold Out!

Short on cash for the coming holidays? Got a lot of whiny nephews and nieces to cater for? Just find yourself a printer and make your own gifts! It’s 3D printing avant la lettre! Find more of these… Read More

I’ll let you in on a secret

I finally flinched, and got me a PS4. Goodbye days and nights of swooping like a vulture past my roommate’s man cave, waiting for him to fall asleep so I’d steal his property. I am my own man now…. Read More

Transform and Check Out

Transformers have it rough. They are loathed, they are loved. Trust me, I’m a biased fan. But with the upcoming lineup of October’s PS Plus, NO ONE can go wrong. Not only will your PS4 get Transformers: Devastation, Platinum Games’ oldskool… Read More

I know a great drinking game

Step 1 Put on a Transformers movie. Take number 4 for maximum effect. Step 2 Drink whenever…